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 A Comprehensive Case Management Solution

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 Virtual Justice

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MSI Consulting Group is a small, yet power packed, mid-west IT consulting and software development firm.  MSI was originally founded in 1978 by Jerry Selby, who is still the current president.  MSI has successfully delivered superior case management solutions and consulting services for over 25 years to the U.S. Justice System.  Presently, MSI has over 100 installations in the U.S. that rely exclusively on MSI's premier case management system -- Virtual Justice VJ controls and manages millions of dollars, as well as, millions of court cases annually.  MSI's strategic objective is to provide the most robust and comprehensive case management system to our customers at an affordable price.  

From a technical stand-point, VJ was designed and developed by adhering to the principles of the Object Oriented methodology; and from a subject matter perspective, by incorporating years of experience in Criminal and Civil case law.  Thousands of narrowly defined and succinct encapsulated business objects comprise the building blocks of VJ.  This unique framework composition provides all users with maximum utility, flexibility, security, adaptability, accountability and enterprise change integration management.

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