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MSI Customer Comments


Jackie Rodriguez, Court Coordinator, City of Woodburn, Oregon - Municipal Court
"This Court has used MSI Software since April 2003 and have found the system to be very efficient and reliable. It is easy to use, and makes our job less difficult. Improvements and updates are regular, and service is excellent."


Judy West, Chief Clerk, North Little Rock 2nd Division District Court
"I have been a clerk for twenty two years. During this period of time, I have been involved, two times, in choosing a court software system. The first time in 1993 we had very little to choose from, so we chose the best we could find. The second time, in 2005, we got very lucky and found MSI's Virtual Justice software. No more having to settle for second best. VJ is user friendly and covers all facets of our court's software needs. I no longer dread end of the month reports, VJ provides my reports in a matter of minutes. VJ has it all, case entry, collections, warrants, reports, and statistics. The staff at MSI are very professional and always helpful. I love having a software company based in our state. I know MSI has the interest of Arkansas Courts at the top of their priority list. I love it, you will too."


Sandy Button, Chief Clerk, Pea Ridge City Court
"We started with MSI in 1996 and could not believe how much easier our jobs were using their computer system. But nothing could prepare us for the impact that VJ has had on our lives. We began using VJ in April, 2002, and everything about our Court system became more accurate, efficient and easier. They have made this system so compatible with our needs and continue to amaze us by staying current with necessary updates. Thank You MSI!"


Judy DuVall, District Clerk, Pope County District Court (Russellville)

"Our court became a customer of MSI in July of 1991, and converted to their new software (Virtual Justice) in March of 2003. MSI was there for training and support in person, by phone and by modem to make the conversion process as painless as possible. As we discovered adjustments and changes that were needed in order for VJ to "fit" our particular court a little better, the MSI staff was open to our suggestions and, whenever possible, they implemented the changes that we requested.  Any time we encounter problems, the staff is easily reached and will stay in contact until the problem is resolved. They also stay current on any legislative changes and get right to work to adjust the program to meet any new legal requirements.  I consider MSI to be a welcome extension of our “court-support” family."


Patricia Johnson, District Clerk, Union County District Court, (El Dorado, AR)

"MSI has been our computer software group for over ten years. They have always been there for us. No matter what the problem is, they have always taken care of us in a very professional and timely manner.  They truly care about you as a customer. If there's a problem or anything we are confused about, they always help us through."


Geneva Vance, District Court Clerk, Francis County District Court (Forrest City)

"MSI has proven to provide not only a fantastic software program for all of our court personnel, but the ultimate in software support.  The combination of a great product and product support was one of the main reasons we chose MSI in September 1990, and that still holds true today. The software is very user friendly and adaptable to our specific needs. The reports can be generated to fit any criteria you might need.  Any problems that might arise are only a phone call away from being solved.  Thank you, MSI, for your attention to detail, friendly staff and professional integrity."


Judy Carlisle, Deputy Court Clerk, Cleburne County District Court, (Heber Springs)

"I was the Court Clerk of Cross County District Court, Wynne for 14 years. Wynne was one of the first Courts in Arkansas to purchase MSI software in 1986. MSI was always there for us when we needed help in solving problems and with errors we entered as we learned their software. Through the years, they made several trips to Wynne to assist us with their program. When the new Virtual Justice was installed and the conversion was done, they came to Wynne on a Sunday and installed a new file server so we could have our scheduled court date the next day.  I had minimum experience in operating a computer when I started working at Wynne, but their software program was easy for me to learn.  I am now employed as a Deputy Clerk in the Cleburne County District Court, Heber Springs. One of the factors in my deciding to accept this position at Heber Springs was that I knew they also had the Virtual Justice Software, which I like.  I highly recommend this Software!"


Mona Ray, District Court Clerk, Newton County District Court, (Jasper)

"Newton County District Court had no computer software to speak of when I became clerk in Jan of 2005. Everything was done by hand. EOM reports - a nightmare! I quickly started my search. I found MSI. EOM reports now - a dream! Our Judge loves the court worksheets. Everything is right there in front of him and it makes our court days so much better and shorter! I really feel like Bryan, Jake and the rest of the staff at MSI are sitting at the desk next to me. I can always reach someone when I have a question or problem. THANKS MSI!!!"


Rhonda Orr, Deputy Court Clerk, Pulaski County District Court, (Little Rock)

"Our court has been with MSI for less than a year now and I think it's the best decision we have ever made. We are a fairly large court with 5 different departments and we needed something that would satisfy all, and Virtual Justice has done that. It is very user friendly and they provide a step by step manual, which is very helpful. Choosing a new system was not easy.  After studying several programs and visiting other courts we found MSI more compatible for meeting our needs. Being the accountant for our court, it has made my job 100% more accurate and has lessened the time it takes to get my end of month reports out. With this system, there is little room for errors because you can always go back and correct what you did and it will adjust it properly.  The Staff at MSI came into our court, putting all of their efforts forward in training us in each of our departments. The service they provide is superb, always ready and willing to help out. They were fun and easy to work with and I think that helped us learn and made us eager to adjust to the new system. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AT MSI!!!!"


Sherlean Chaney, Chief Deputy Clerk, Union County District Court (El Dorado, AR)

"MSI Consulting Group's Virtual Justice Software System is the GREATEST SYSTEM that there is. MSI supports our Criminal, Small Claims and Civil Departments. This system was designed to make life simpler for us clerks. There is no mistake made that can't be corrected. Their staff knows everything, and are just a phone call away. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all there help. Change is Great.. and We Love MSI!!"

Linda Clark, Chief Court Clerk, Eureka Springs District Court

"As the only clerk in my office, the process of VIRTUAL JUSTICE makes my job easier, mostly because of the organization of the docket and dispositions. My favorite part is the accounting. Where it used to take me 3 days to disburse my money, it now only takes about two hours and most of that is printing envelopes for the different agencies. I collected $9,000.00 more time pay money in March over March 2005, which was the first month of my system. If you have been thinking my court can not afford this, (which I did for 10 years), you can not afford not to have it.  Thanks Bryan and Jake you're the best."

Tim Scott, Pulaski County Project Manager, Pulaski County District Court (Little Rock, AR)

"The Virtual Justice system is an excellent software package for case management.  The staff at MSI met all the timelines, and made the conversion of the software pain free.  MSI provides quality customer service plus on-line technical support.  Thank you !!!!  MSI for making my job less stressful."