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MSI is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and implementing technology that gives you a powerful, safe and informative experience when you visit our site.

Your Privacy

MSI may ask you to provide information that identifies you to us. This is especially true when you inquire about our products, register you for a particular event, comment on our site content, or when you wish to join our e-mail notification services.

We need this information for three reasons:

If you choose not to provide us any personal information (and you assent to our site usage Terms and Conditions), you still may still access the majority of this site. If for some reason you believe that MSI has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by e-mail at, and we will make reasonable efforts to correct the problem.

Protection of your Private information

MSI will not purposely sell, exchange or divulge your personal information to any third party.







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